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Finances and Billing

Freshman Fall Abroad Semester Programs  

Freshman Fall in Dingle • Freshman Fall in Rome

Finances and Billing

Financial Aid

Most, if not all, of a student’s SHU financial aid package applies to semester programs.  Students are encouraged to contact Financial Assistance for further information about how their financial aid will apply towards a study abroad experience.  Financial Assistance can also assist students with additional loan opportunities.

Please note: Students receiving scholarships for participation in varsity athletics are not eligible for the program. Students receiving a merit award for participation in performing arts programs will not receive their participation grants during the fall semester abroad.  Non-scholarship varsity athletes should discuss with their coaches the impact that participation in an FFA program may have on involvement in the sport upon return to campus.


Outside scholarships are a good way to supplement the cost of a study abroad experience. W e encourage students to apply and take advantage of as many relevant scholarship opportunities as possible.  The key is to start researching scholarship opportunities early on, sometimes even before a student begins to apply to study abroad.

Program Cost

The Sacred Heart University Student Accounts office bills students for the following amounts*:

This cost encompasses the FFA program tuition and fees, listed below.

REMEMBER: Most, if not all, of financial aid and scholarships will apply to the FFA program.

*INCLUDED: Program orientation, arrival airport transfer, round-trip airfare from an airport near Sacred Heart, housing in shared accommodations, tuition and fees, on-site course fees, and mandatory basic international health insurance.

NOT INCLUDED: Meals, major medical insurance, visa/resident permit fees, and all personal expenses.

Confirming Enrollment

There is no confirmation fee required for enrollment in the FFA program. To enroll in the program, students must submit all paperwork by the deadline of May 15th.

To confirm University enrollment, students submit a $1500 deposit to Sacred Heart University.  $150 of that deposit is for spring housing security and the remaining amount is credited to the fall term bill.


FFA students are billed directly by SHU for the cost of the program.  More information about paying the term bill is available on the Student Accounts web page.

Living Expenses

Ireland and Italy both use the Euro.  Exchange rates change daily.  For up-to-date rate information, please refer to a currency conversion website such as Oanda or XE.

As for what kind of living and miscellaneous expenses students can expect, this is a difficult question to answer since students live differently depending on background, taste, and travel goals.  Questions to consider include how often they plan to travel, how extravagantly they want to eat, and how much shopping they plan to do.  Most students can live comfortably on 100 to 200 euros a week.  

Withdrawal Policy

To withdraw from an FFA program, students must submit a written withdrawal letter directly to the Office of Global Affairs.  In this withdrawal notification, the student must include their reasons for withdrawing from the program.  A telephone conversation cannot be used to initiate a withdrawal.

The withdrawal policy is based on the University’s withdrawal policy in addition to any non-recoverable expenses committed or incurred on behalf of the student as of the date of withdrawal.  Non-recoverable expenses are determined once an official letter of withdrawal is received.

*The first day of the in-country orientation is considered the Program Start Date.

**The university policies regarding tuition and fees for dropping a course applies to a student’s study abroad courses.

The full program fee is non-refundable once a student departs and begins their program.  Students who indicate on their Financial Aid Authorization form that they make program payments using financial aid and subsequently withdraw from the program are held accountable for all non-recoverable costs.

Note: SHU reserves the right to drop a student from a program if they fail to attend the general and/or site-specific orientations.