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Getting Started

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Getting Started

New cultures, new people, and new places: each year over 250 SHU students benefit from these experiences by studying abroad.  They take classes, volunteer, and get hands-on experience through internships or clinical visits.  We encourage you to take advantage of our study abroad programming.  We offer a variety of opportunities around the world for SHU and visiting students — with programming that supports a broad range of educational, professional, and personal objectives.

Our students gain from these experiences by earning credit toward graduation while creating memories that will endure a lifetime.  Here are some steps to guide you through the study abroad process:

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Search Programs

Find the program that is right for you based on the term of study or courses offered.

Search our available programs.  Then, start an application.


Plan for the experience:  Research the options and determine how they fit into your academic plan at SHU.  Choose the program that best complements or contributes to your plan.  Consider, too, other factors that may be affected by your decision like, course sequencing and your major sheet.  For assistance in the process please schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor or your department's study abroad faculty liaison.  You can also speak with our Global Ambassadors.  They're returned study abroad students eager to answer your questions and to help you prepare for your time abroad.

Apply to study abroad:  Be sure your application is submitted to the program(s) on or before the published deadline.  Complete all items in your checklist and comply with follow-up requests.

Check your status:  After you've started an application, your applicant homepage is created.  Login frequently to submit your application materials and check your application status.  You will receive automated email reminders which will direct you to any incomplete items.

Be prepared & start early:  It's never too late to begin planning for your experience abroad!  Our advice is to start the study abroad application process as soon as possible, so that you are not rushing at the last minute to get everything done.  Make sure to submit all of your requirements on time or you might jeopardize your chances of going abroad.

Course approval and transfer credit:  Many courses that have been taken by students in the past have been previously approved by the appropriate departments.  The Office of Global Affairs maintains a course equivalency database.  Please schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisors to review your course needs.

Travel documents:  If you do not yet have a passport, apply for one immediately.  If you do have one, check to make sure that it is valid for at least 6 months after your program ends, otherwise renew it.  If you will be participating in a program which require immunizations, please consult your physician.  If you need a student visa for your destination country, start the process early and follow the directions carefully.  Information for obtaining a student visa will be made available after your acceptance to a study abroad program.  Remember, be sure to make copies of all your important documents to take with you and to leave at home.

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